Thomas-Heinze Collections Inc. is a company created with the hopes to help evolve and expand the demand for fine wines by Canadian consumers. That is the simple straight forward and rather boring explanation of why we exist, the greater truth perhaps is a little bit more exciting. Our founder and president, T.J. Harstine fell into an intense love for the world of wine some years ago and started a bit of a crazed journey down the path of self discovery and new career aspirations.  There is something gripping about the fine beverage world, it is rich with history, fantasy and built upon seeking pure sensory pleasure.  So, while disregarding many pieces of advice, T.J. started to travel to wine regions with the goal of bringing some of their very best examples home, although not just for himself, but to share the discovery with as many others as humanly possible. Canada is a country where we are fortunate enough to enjoy wines from all corners of the globe, and sometimes that means having a gap in selection from some of the worlds greatest regions as we strive to discover variety from so many places. Our goal as a company is to fill those gaps with what we believe are some of the shining stars from these regions and act as a spokesperson for their beauty and appeal by spending quality time with their creators and conveying their passion to our clientele. This is a journey we are committed to pursue, and can not wait to share it with the world.

Our Area

Thomas-Heinze Collections Inc. proudly serves  all of Alberta with our complete portfolio. In addition to Alberta, we have recently expanded our operations in Ontario.